Dessi traveled a great deal in her childhood which opened her mind and grew her curiosity to constantly discover and experience new things and sensations.

During her studies in the Applied Arts school in Vevey in order to become a decorator she met her dearest friend Sophie with whom she expanded her knowledge and passion for art, creativity, food and fashion and with whom she runs this blog. Simple girly afternoons became a playground of ideas, fun and crazyness.

Dessi’s work as a set designer for various advertisings and as a visual-merchandiser in a famous Swiss department store expanded her portfolio and brought her many of ideas about her future.

Conscious of her image since her early age Dessi went trough a various change of taste and style because she believes in peoples constant evolution of the mind at least trough a certain level. Being complimented very often by people in the street and by her entourage she found it as an evidence to start a blog about fashion, design, art and essentially about creativity. All this of course wouldn’t have been possible without the support and collaboration with her artist and blogger friends such as Made by Stern, Trendy Doodles and of course Sophie!