First of all apologies for my absence! I have been working full time so instead of posting drafts, I prefered to come up with something more consistant! Happy new year! In 2015 I hope to expand and improve myself, take some classes at  the Conde Nast College in London, and of course shop. Read More

At Clouds bar in Zurich, really liking the city and it’s positive vibes. Everyone is so elegant and stylish! Really nice to see pretty much everyone take such good care of themselves. Those who say that Swiss people have no interest for fashion have certenly not been to Zurich!! Read More

Chanel, or symbol of timeless elegance, I would like to make once in a while some articles that focus on brands that I really like and that have a strong visual identity.  Read More

Just have fun, enjoy life and stop thinking about what others might say about you, unless it’s positive because these are never enough, am I right? Read More

What about second hand and vintage? Recently another vintage shop opened in my street, I have to say we are quite spoiled because it is full of nice independent shops and services in the neighborhood.  Read More