Back to London again, this time it is for a wedding half Scottish Half English, can’t wait to get there! As usual ( I have made it my own little tradition) I will be wearing a Victoria Beckham dress. Wedding in England: English designer!  Read More

Yes it is obvious that I love London, I am happy that I get to go there so often! I can’t speak about that city without mentioning the amazing department stores such as Liberty of course. The shop was known as first selling art and Japanese objects in 1875, before introducing exotic jewelry and all sorts of new designs.  Read More

Off to London again, I think it might become a tradition that every time that I will go somewhere I will make a post with the appropriate outfits and local designers. Read More

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Switzerland, that going abroad is more a source of inspiration and discovery than a place where I want to do a shooting no matter what. It is a gift to like and be happy to live where you do. Read More

The Milano Centrale railway station is considered to be one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. I understand why. The mix of Art Deco and Liberty among of other architectural styles is absolutely gorgeous. Read More