First of all apologies for my absence! I have been working full time so instead of posting drafts, I prefered to come up with something more consistant! Happy new year! In 2015 I hope to expand and improve myself, take some classes at  the Conde Nast College in London, and of course shop.But, not in a shallow kind of way, something more elaborate, clean cuts and some craziness once in a while, most importantly no over branding ( when people buy stuff just because the brand is clearly visible and they want to show that they can afford it) I am thinking about posting a whole article on that so I won’t go too much into detail!

Living in Switzerland I have to say I am quite frustrated sometimes to see how people take so little care of themselves, the challenge isn’t very big and it’s sad to put so much joy in dressing up and going out to see that no one pays much attention to their outfits! It is not shallow ( I saw you coming there) Why?? Well simply because we live in a world full of appearances and overwhelmed by the constants upcoming and evolution of fashion and new kinds of trendsetters. I have noticed how much better I feel when my clothes are nice and when I like what I wear. It is really not that complicated,  budget or lack of time should not be an issue! Of course there are more important things in life, but if you didn’t care you wouldn’t bee reading that post!

I am really curious about people and their approach to fashion, what it represents to them, what they think about when they have to choose their outfits, so feel free to express yourself! 🙂

By the way this is in Zurich Rimini bar, summer nostalgia…..3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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