I love weddings, as a guest and now also as a bride. I was looking forward to that one because I knew that it was on the English country side and I absolutely love the whole fairytale movie style surroundings. The pictures of the place looked amazing and it was even better once I saw it, I had to pinch myself because it all seemed surreal, green grass white tent, beautiful bride and groom and well dressed people everywhere.  Read More

Weeks later…As you can see if you follow my instagram I recently got married, that explains why I haven’t been blogging much lately. I preferred having nice articles instead of writing random things just to fill some blank space. Read More

Off to London again, I think it might become a tradition that every time that I will go somewhere I will make a post with the appropriate outfits and local designers. Read More

Tea at the Rooneys, a really cute little place with wonderful cakes pastries and egg specialities.  Read More

Last week I went to an English wedding at a the Town Hall Hotel, I am happy to share the address with you, if you go to London I suggest you have a drink or even stay there even though it’s not right next to the center. The rooms are wonderful especially with their glass bathrooms, you can have a view of your whole room while you shower, how cool is that??   Read More