Before I bring this blog to the next level I found it important to share with you my wedding. That is not only about this special event, it is also about the revelation of my face, see I get over things quickly.I am like fashion, changing and evolving all the time. I am always looking for something new, innovation taste improvement etc…

Anyway I wanted to resume the wedding in a few sentences, trying to keep it short. It was a beautiful day that took me about eight months to plan, my husband had full confidence in my taste which allowed me to do anything that pleased me. I have to say I was very annoying but also absolutely clear and specific about what I wanted. So if something didn’t fit my expectations I had to correct it.

The weather was perfect, it all took place in Vevey and the atmosphere was unforgettable. The music was one of the most important things, if you get that wrong it can ruin an event. Some quiet music for the boat, a live band who played eastern european music at the appetizer, live piano with an amazing singer who performed Sinatra and Ray Charles among others like a godess it was a kick back to the 50’s with the glasses clinging and the people enjoying the whole atmosphere, finally an amazing DJ made everyone dance till the beginning of the next day. And if like it wasn’t enough the amazing brunch by the pool was animated by some “chill” music.

I am very grateful to every staff member who did an amazing job, and to Jo Simoes and Celine Bissat without whom we wouldn’t have had such good photographies and videos to look at they really are the best!

1The night before my bridesmaids and me slept at the Grand Hotel du Lac in Vevey (the venue). We all needed this girly night as well as that relaxing moment after a crazy week where we were running around taking care of the last details.2The dress: It was really difficult for me to choose I spent hours on the internet looking for inspiration and nothing seemed to meet my desire, until one day with Sophie we had a huge crush on that one. Catherine by Monique Lhuillier Platinum Collection. It is the only dress I tried and I knew right away that my searching was over, that feeling when you know that no other dress will make you feel more gorgeous and self-confident.4After the orthodox church ceremony we were welcomed as newly weds with bubbles, it was a great and fun surprise. I must thank my wonderful and beautiful bridesmaids for that! bridesmaidsAnd here I am with my four greek godesses!7Three of the bridesmaids, Lisa where are you??? In front of beautiful Saint Saphorin!!

ahArriving first at the pre dinner cocktail, and there I see another surprise!!rec10Mint green atmosphere at the reception.11 12Desserts, I must say Grand Hotel du Lac Vevey has the best service ever!!!! dance

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